Collect, Structuralize and Annotate Data for

AI Service


Autonomous Studio

Annotate all of the Autonomous data

Advantage of AI Studio

Our Team

  • Management (in Korea)

  • 300+ Qualified Annotators (in Vietnam)

  • Crowd-sourcing pool (5,000 Annotators)

Autonomous Cars

Aistudio will operate vehicles for autonomous driving data collection and HD Map production in 2018.


Computer Vision Studio

Annotation Platform

Annotation AI Engine

Save your time and cost with AIstudio by analyzing data collected from vehicle, classifying objects automatically and labeling them for self-driving algorithms.

Reputation Check Algorithm

Check 99%+ data reliability from our leveled annotators according to skillsets and personnel's error rate

Tool & Management System

Find progress of each projects ,error rate and communicate with annotators in real time through Annotation Tool & Web Management System


Video & Voice Studio



  • Video & Image annotation for AI Security system

  • Define kinds & properties of objects

  • Collect a video for special condition & scene

  • Image annotation for AI Medical system 

  • Define kinds & properties of objects

  • Reach an 100% reliability

Home Network


  • Video & Image annotation for AI Home Network system 

  • Define & Rating activities of human

  • Collect a video for real home environmen

  • Write a recording voice data

  • Rating a age/sex/noise type of voice data

  • Collect a voice data by age/region/sex group


Family Company



419, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea